At XCEL, we will never let “internal” business processes dilute our passion for excellence in all areas.  We will always work hard, be there for you when it counts and above all else…”shoot you straight,” if we can’t do it, we will be honest and tell you so.  

XCEL is a full-service information governance and litigation support services provider founded in 2003, serving clients both within the U.S. and internationally. While our belief is that litigation document management and discovery processing is trending more towards digital (imaging). Traditional legal copying still remains a comfortable solution to many Law Firms and Corporate Legal Departments.  For this reason, we have built our production model to support both processes. 

There is nothing complex about our philosophy.  Take care of those who take care of us, our customers.  We are creating a culture where both customers and employees want to work with XCEL Document Solutions.  We hope you will give us this opportunity.  

We're at the forefront of ever-changing laws and are fully committed to exceed client expectations.

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Experience you can trust.

Over 30 years combined of expert legal services.

​​​​Xcel Document Solutions
We guarantee effective, aggressive representation. Our history of successful litigation speaks volumes.

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Overview and Founding Principles:



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We have over 30 years combined in the industry.


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